LifeHorizons Annuities

    The LifeHorizons Single Premium Deferred Annuity and Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity offer you safe, proven ways to save for retirement. There are no sales charges, loads, fees or administration costs, so 100 percent of your premium goes into your account and begins earning interest immediately.

    Annuities protect you by offering a guaranteed minimum interest rate for the life of the contract and a guaranteed current interest rate for the first full contract year – removing the downside potential found with many investment plans.

    The Return of Principal Guarantee has no risk of asset loss. The policy may be surrendered at any time, and we guarantee a cash surrender value not less than the total of premiums paid minus any amounts previously withdrawn and related surrender charges. Surrender charges may vary depending on the contract year the policy is surrendered.

    Concerns about outliving your savings are lessened with the purchase of an annuity. You can select from a variety of payout options that tailor your annuity to your individual needs, such as an option that guarantees you an income for the rest of your life.

    Other features include:

    • Withdrawals of up to 10 percent of the account value may be made once each year without a surrender charge.
    • Optional Maturity Date provision allows your client to extend the maturity age of 85 indefinitely in 10-year increments thereby continuing the tax deferral.
    • Beneficiary receives funds directly, avoiding probate.

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